Episcopal visit in North Carolina

May 17th 2015

Bishop Robinson visited Amazing Grace Anglican Church in Bessemer City, NC, where he preached and celebrated the Eucharist.  There is a small and faithful congregation there drawn from Bessemer City, Gastonia, and the surrounding area led by the Rev. Abbot John Kennedy, OSSP.

Ordinations in North Carolina

May 16th 2015

The Rev. Rob Ledbetter, and the Rev. Wayne Ogg were ordained to the priesthood at Christ the King Anglican Church, Linwood, NC, by the Most Rev. Peter Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the UECNA.

National Council and Bishops meeting in Missouri

May 15th 2015

The National Council of the UECNA met in St Louis, MO.  The Treasurer’s Report for the 2014 financial year was received and approved, and will be forwarded to the parishes shortly.  The Bishops of the three missionary dioceses reported on the events of the last year.  The South and Ozarks reported some encouraging events, and some progress in terms of spiritual development.  The Missionary Diocese of the East held its first Convocation for many years, and elected both a board of examining chaplains, and also a Council of Advice to assist the Bishop in the running of the diocese.  An ordination is scheduled there for May 16th, and a new Mission is being established in central Florida.  The West has had a complex year, with the not unexpected loss of St Alban’s, Peoria to another jurisdiction, and the addition of a new Mission in the Fremont area of California.  The Archbishop also outlined plans for an Anglican Studies programme for future candidates for the ministry. The National Council meeting wrapped up just before 1.00pm.

This was followed by a brief House of Bishops meeting in which Bishops David Hustwick, Diocese of the Great Lakes, and Bishop George Conner, Anglican Episcopal Church, US, were welcome into the UECNA, and gave brief reports on the work going on in their dioceses.  There was also a brief discussion of UECNA marriage policy, which focused on the fact that clergy need to follow the Canons of the Church in performing marriages, particularly in regard to the requirement that couples to be married must sign a declaration giving their assent to the Church’s teaching on marriage before the ceremony takes place.  The House of Bishops meeting was cut short at 2:45pm due to the worsening weather.

Presiding Bishop attends FACA meeting

April 14th 2015

The Most Rev. Peter Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the UECNA attended the spring 2015 meeting of the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas at St Matthias Pro-Cathedral (REC), Katy, TX.  The Archbishop was very encouraged by the positive tone of the meeting, and by its reaffirmation of the original 2006 statement of Commitments issued by FACA, and also by the discussion on a Federal or Conciliar model by which the various traditional Anglican bodies in the USA can cooperate with each other and present a common face to the world.  He believes this work to be import to restoring the essential balance of Anglicanism as Evangelical Catholicism, and to our common mission to proclaim the faith of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Bishop visit to North Carolina

April 12th 2015 – Easter I

The Rt Rev. Steven Murrell visited the parish of the Holy Trinity, Huntersville, NC where he preached and presided at the invitation of the Rev. Patrick Maclean, OSSP, who is Rector of the Parish.

Episcopal visits to North Carolina and Maryland

March 22nd 2015 – Passion Sunday.

Archbishop Peter Robinson preached and pontificated at Christ the King, Linwood, NC, during his visitation to the parish.

Also on March 22nd, the Rt. Rev. Steven Murrell, Assistant Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of the East visited St John’s Anglican Church, St Mary’s Co., MD where he preached and presided.

Standing Committee meeting

March 21st 2015 – The Commemoration of Thomas Ken, and the Martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer

Archbishop Robinson presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Missionary Diocese of the East held at Christ the King Anglican Church, Linwood (Lexington), NC.  The meeting discussed the immediate mission goals of the diocese, and also interviewed two deacons who desire to be advanced to the presbyterate.  The Archbishop preached and celebrated the Eucharist at the beginning of the days proceedings, and also led Evening Prayer at the end of the day.  The Rev. Robert Ledbetter, and the Rev. Wayne Ogg were both approved for ordination as presbyters in the Missionary Diocese of the East, UECNA, and plans were formulated for a clergy retreat later in the year.  

Episcopal visit to California

December 14th 2014

The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson visited St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Highland, CA, and received eleven people into the UECNA.

Missionary Diocese of the West 2014 Convocation

October 25th 2014

The Diocesan Convocation of the Missionary Diocese of the West met at St Jude’s Church, 8245 E Seneca St., Tucson.  The meeting was chaired by the Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, the Bishop of the Missionary Diocese.  Full details will be published in the Lent edition of Glad Tidings.

Presiding Bishop addresses AEC General Convention

October 22nd 2014

The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America, gave the key note address at the General Convention of the Anglican Episcopal Church, United States, at the invitation of the AECUS’ Presiding Bishop, the Rt. Rev. George Conner.  Bishop Robinson took as his subject the ‘The Problem of Authority in Modern Anglicanism’ tracing the modern doctrinal crises in Anglicanism back to their nineteenth century origins.  Bishop Robinson’s talk also proposed a remedy – a return to the doctrinal standards of Anglicanism as set out in the Articles of Religion, the historic Book of Common Prayer, and the Homilies.  The meeting was hosted by St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Pensicola, FL.