Presiding Bishop to Attend FACA Meeting

April 29th – Presiding Bishop to Attend FACA Meeting

Bishop Robinson will again be an observer at the annual meeting of the Federation of Anglican Churches in America meet at Cummins Memorial Seminary, Summerville, NC.  The FACA is an umbrella body for a number of conservative and continuing Anglican bodies in the United States including the Reformed Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Province in America, the Episcopal Missionary Church, and several others.  The United Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop has attended as an observer since 2012.

Ordination in New York

April 26th – Ordination in New York

The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the UECNA ordained the Rev. Mike McDonald as a priest at St Elizabeth’s Chapel, Tuxedo, NY on Saturday, April 26th.  Bishop Robinson was assisted in the laying on of hands by the Rev. Paul Castellano and the Abbot John Kennedy OSSP.  St Elizabeth’s Chapel was used by the gracious permission of the Rt. Rev. George Langberg, Assistant Bishop of the ACA Diocese of the Northeast, and the Trustees.

Bishop Joseph Dobson retires

March 31st 2014 – Bishop Joseph Dobson retires

The Rt. Rev. Joseph H. Dobson, IV, retired as Episcopal Visitor of the Missionary Diocese of the East effective April 1st.  Bishop Dobson served as Bishop Coadjutor from June to September 2010, then as Bishop of the Missionary Diocese from September 2010 to February 2013, after which he served as Episcopal Visitor.  Increasing health concerns have prompted his decision to retire as Episcopal Visitor and also as Rector of St John’s Anglican Church, St Mary’s County, MD.

Ordination in Kentucky

March 23rd 2014 – Ordination Marshall Co. KY

The Rt Rev Glen D. Hartley ordained the Rev. Thomas Hiter as a priest at Christ’s Chapel, Benton, KY on Sunday 23rd March.  Dr. Hiter will serve the congregations at Christ’s Chapel and The Lighthouse.

Institution of rector in Arizona

March 14th 2014 – Institution of a New Rector, St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Tucson, AZ

The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson instituted the Rev. George Parrish as Rector of St Jude’s on March 14th 2014.  Mr. Parrish comes to the Missionary Diocese of the West from the ACC Diocese of New Orleans.  He has been serving as Priest-in-charge of St Jude’s since November 2012.

Confirmations in Florida

February 9th 2014 – Confirmations at St Benedict’s, Holiday, FL

The Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, confirmed five candidates at St Benedict’s Mission at a Eucharist.  The Priest-in-charge of the Mission is the Rev. Abbot Max Skipper. 

Ordinations in the Missionary Diocese of the East

November 9th 2013 – Ordinations in the Missionary Diocese of the East

The Rev. Messrs. Michael Bolt and Darrell Holman were ordained to the priesthood by the Rt. Rev. Joseph H. Dobson, IV, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Huntersville, NC.  The Rev Darrell Holman will assist at Amazing Grace Anglican Church, Gastonia, NC.  It is understood that the Rev. Michael Bolt will be assigned to missionary work in the western part of North Carolina.

Missionary Diocese of the West 2013 Convocation

October 25th 2013 – Missionary Diocese of the West Convocation

Missionary Diocese of the West holds its Convocation at St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Hemet, Calif..  Representations were present from three of the four parishes in the Missionary Diocese; one parish and one mission were officially excused.  The Convocation voted to admit St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Phoenix, AZ as a Mission of the Diocese.

The bishop – the Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson reported that the he had ordained one priest in the past year, the Rev. Fr. Frank Hume-Dawson, who serves as Priest in Charge of St Augustine’s, Phoenix.  He has also received one postulant for training for the sacred ministry in the Missionary District of the West.  The diocese reported an approximately 15% increase in communicants.

Elections were held to fill vacancies on the Diocesan Council of Advice.

Presiding Bishop attends ACC synod

October 23rd – 24th 2013 – Presiding Bishop attends ACC Synod

The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson attended the Provincial Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church held in Newport Beach, Calif., and was invited to address the Synod by the Archbishop of the ACC, the Most Rev. Mark Haverland.  Bishop Robinson’s remarks addressed the need for the Church to put Evangelism ahead of church politics, and to allow doing the Lord’s work to draw us together, rather than wasting time and effort on man-made schemes for unity. 

The United Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Catholic Church share a common origin in the 1977 Congress of Concerned Churchmen which took place in St Louis, MO, and led to the foundation of the Continuing Anglican Movement.

General Convention 2014

September 29th 2013 – Eleventh General Convention of the UECNA.

The XI General Convention of the United Episcopal Church of North America will be held in Prescott, Arizona on May 14 to 16 2014.  The Missionary Diocese of the West will be the host diocese.