Primitive Methodist Society (UECNA West)

The United Episcopal Society of Primitive Methodists is an example of how a consistent Methodism would operate if keeping with Mr. John Wesley’s “Old Plan”. The Wesleyan Old Plan expected “the people called Methodists” to remain within the Anglican Church, which was “nearer the scriptural and primitive plan than any other national Church upon earth”. The term “primitive” indicates a strong commitment to remain societal–deferring vestments, titles, hours, and sacraments to the established Church. We are mostly a lay-movement with members following a General Rule, attending Class Meetings, testifying at Love Feasts, and keeping frequent use of the Prayer Book. Membership is restricted to households living in the UE Missionary Diocese of the West. We are more than happy to arrange actual visits with anyone living in these Far Western states. We have no denominational test. And, our greatest wish is to prepare Christians for God’s Kingdom here on earth.


Please contact
Br. Charles Bartlett