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Episcopal visit to California

December 14th 2014 The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson visited St Patrick’s Anglican Church, Highland, CA, and received eleven people into the UECNA.

Missionary Diocese of the West 2014 Convocation

October 25th 2014 The Diocesan Convocation of the Missionary Diocese of the West met at St Jude’s Church, 8245 E Seneca St., Tucson.  The meeting was chaired by the Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, the Bishop of the Missionary Diocese.  Full details will be published in the Lent edition of Glad Tidings.

Presiding Bishop addresses AEC General Convention

October 22nd 2014 The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America, gave the key note address at the General Convention of the Anglican Episcopal Church, United States, at the invitation of the AECUS’ Presiding Bishop, the Rt. Rev. George Conner.  Bishop Robinson took as his subject the ‘The […]

Missionary Diocese of the West 2014 Convocation

August 6th 2014 The District Convocation for the Missionary District of the West will meet at St Jude’s Anglican Church, 8245 E Seneca St., Tucson AZ 85715, on Saturday 25th October 2014.  Details will be forthcoming shortly.

Episcopal visit in North Carolina

July 27th 2014 The Presiding Bishop officiated and preached at Morning Prayer at All Saints’ Anglican Church, Barracks Road, Hillsborough, NC.  This was his first visit to the parish since the retirement of Bishop Stephen Reber who had been the Rector of All Saints’ since 1994.  Bishop Robinson was assisted by the Rev. Paul Kelly […]

Missionary Diocese of the East 2014 Convocation

July 26th 2014 The Convocation of the Missionary District of the East met at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Huntersville, NC on Saturday July 26th.  Canons were approved for the governance of the Missionary District, and a Council of Advice and Board of Examining Chaplains were elected.  The former Bishop of the Missionary District, the Rt. […]

North Carolina parish relocates

July 13th 2014 Christ the King Anglican Church, Lexington, NC is now holding services in its new location at 4789 Old Linwood Road, Linwood, NC.  Bishop Murrell was present to help the Canon Richard Desroches, and the parish celebrate this significant milestone in its history as it moves into a rented building which it can use full-time […]

Parish celebrates rector’s ordination anniversary

July 6th 2014 St Paul’s Anglican Church celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Rector’s ordination with an indoor picnic organized by the Parish Guild.  Bishop Robinson was ordained Deacon on 3rd July 1994 by the Rt. Rev. Leslie Hamlett, Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of England and Wales at St Mary and St John’s Anglican Catholic […]