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North Carolina parish relocates

July 13th 2014 Christ the King Anglican Church, Lexington, NC is now holding services in its new location at 4789 Old Linwood Road, Linwood, NC.  Bishop Murrell was present to help the Canon Richard Desroches, and the parish celebrate this significant milestone in its history as it moves into a rented building which it can use full-time […]

Parish celebrates rector’s ordination anniversary

July 6th 2014 St Paul’s Anglican Church celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Rector’s ordination with an indoor picnic organized by the Parish Guild.  Bishop Robinson was ordained Deacon on 3rd July 1994 by the Rt. Rev. Leslie Hamlett, Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of England and Wales at St Mary and St John’s Anglican Catholic […]

New pastoral appointments in North Carolina and Maryland

June 22nd 2014 The Very Rev. Richard Desroches has been appointed Priest in Charge of Christ the King Anglican Church, Lexington, NC effective immediately.  The letter of appointment was read by the Rev. Canon Keith Bernarducci, the outgoing priest-in-charge of the congregation. The Rev. Canon Ordice Gallups has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of St John’s Anglican […]

Episcopal visit in Arizona

June 8th 2014 The Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, visited St Jude’s Anglican Church, Tucson, AZ this past Sunday and administered the rite of confirmation.  The also officiated as the Rev. George Parrish, and his wife Mary renewed their marriage vows.

New mission in California

May 30th 2014 – New Mission – Fremont, Ca. Littlewood Chapel will soon be commencing services in Fremont, Calif., at 5pm on Sunday afternoons, and 7pm on Friday evenings.  The Mission is avowedly in the Low to Broad Church tradition of Anglicanism, and is a lay led initiative.  For more information see their website https://littlewooduecna.weebly.com

Missionary Diocese of the East 2014 Convocation

May 25th 2014 The Presiding Bishop has called the organising Convocation of the Missionary District of the East for July 26th 2014.  It will meet at the Huntersville Arts and Cultural Center, 119 S. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville.  Every clergyman in the Eastern District is entitled to be present and voting at the meeting.  Lay […]

General Convention 2014

May 13th to 15th 2014 – General Convention The 11th General Convention of the United Episcopal Church of North America met at the Hotel St Michael, W. Gurley St., Prescott, AZ.  The business meetings were organised to all occur on the 14th, and the following is a summary of what occurred.  Please note that an official […]

Presiding Bishop to Attend FACA Meeting

April 29th – Presiding Bishop to Attend FACA Meeting Bishop Robinson will again be an observer at the annual meeting of the Federation of Anglican Churches in America meet at Cummins Memorial Seminary, Summerville, NC.  The FACA is an umbrella body for a number of conservative and continuing Anglican bodies in the United States including […]

Ordination in New York

April 26th – Ordination in New York The Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the UECNA ordained the Rev. Mike McDonald as a priest at St Elizabeth’s Chapel, Tuxedo, NY on Saturday, April 26th.  Bishop Robinson was assisted in the laying on of hands by the Rev. Paul Castellano and the Abbot John […]

Bishop Joseph Dobson retires

March 31st 2014 – Bishop Joseph Dobson retires The Rt. Rev. Joseph H. Dobson, IV, retired as Episcopal Visitor of the Missionary Diocese of the East effective April 1st.  Bishop Dobson served as Bishop Coadjutor from June to September 2010, then as Bishop of the Missionary Diocese from September 2010 to February 2013, after which […]