2 thoughts on “Introduction to the 39 Articles of Religion: Session 6”

  1. I watched Part 6 of your excellent video on the 39 Articles. Do you have your video lectures available for purchase? I am planning in the coming year to have courses on the 39 Articles and your videos may be the best approach to teaching this subject. I am a vicar in an Anglican Province of America Church. I believe that most new members for our Anglican congregations will come from either broad Evangelical backgrounds or even more likely Confessional Evangelical Church backgrounds such as the Presbyterian Church in America. These Christians are serious about theology and doctrine and they are in search of a liturgical church. I should like to have a phone conversation with you at a convenient time for both of us. The Anglican Province of America is part of the Joint Synod of Provinces coming together to form one province. At least that is the intention.

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