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The governance of the church

The UECNA is run on what might be described as a ‘Bishop in Synod’ or a ‘Bishop in Presbytery’ system where the duties of governance are shared. This echoes some aspects of Ussher’s plan for a moderated Episcopacy which was proposed during the run-up to the English Civil War, but its more specific context is […]

Presiding Bishop: The gift of life

This, perhaps, is not going to be the most closely reasoned of my pieces, mainly because there is a good deal of emotion involved, and also because as someone who read history at university and has a continuing interest in that field, I see the historical parallels, and fear greatly for where western society as […]

Welcome from the Presiding Bishop

The mission of the Church is to be God’s Kingdom here on earth, to preach His Word, to celebrate the Sacraments, and ‘to show forth the Lord’s death until He come again.’ Therefore, the function of the United Episcopal Church, like that of every other part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, is […]

A message from the Presiding Bishop

We now seem to be well into the usual summer lull that occurs in most parishes between Memorial Day and Labour Day. In my own church it is not so noticeable on a Sunday, but midweek activities tend to take a bit of a hit, and it is harder to keep the regular schedule going. […]